Connor Finnerty


is a professional dancer, actor, model, and singer for California. He is a crowned and verified personality with over 244,000 fans previously won a national title for a hip-hop dancing duet.

Case Walker


is a singer and musician who has gained over 890,000 fans as a crowned and verified personality. He appeared in 17 cities during the POMSCON tour and loves to create and perform with his twin brother.

Conner Shane


is an accomplished gymnast and model who has garnered a strong social media following on instagram. Conner is a crowned personality with over 405,000 fans worldwide. Conner loves performing!

Cole Walker


is the twin brother of Case Walker, who loves to make music and perform. In addition to being a competitive yo-yoer, Cole enjoys volleyball and live broadcasting on Cole focuses on being just himself and not a mold of others.

Danielle Cohn


is a social media sensation and top performer with over 6 million followers on her crowned and verified account. In additional to modeling, Danielle's latest single, entitled "Marilyn Monroe," has over 5 million hits on YouTube.



















General Admission
  • General Admission
  • Experience The story
  • Access to Merchandise
  • Performances by all talent

Meet Me

Meet & Greet Package
  • General Admission
  • Meet & Greet Talent
  • Take Photos
  • Autographed Tour Poster


VIP Package
  • General Admission
  • Meet Me Package
  • Hangout Session Pass
  • Sound Check Pass
Custom Code

A: Yes! Parents need to purchase the basic ticket package: See Me - $35. Please note, anyone child under 13 years old is required to have a parent or guardian present for the entirety of the event.

A: Regardless of the ticket package your child has, you can accompany your child throughout the entirety of the event. For example, if your child has an All of Me ticket and is let into the venue for early access, you may accompany them.

A: No, parents cannot go through the Meet & Greet. Parents need only buy the See Me Ticket Package, $35. However, parents/guardians may remain with their children in the building or line as instructed by venue security.

A: You may drop off any child who is older than 13. Any 13 and under participants must have a parent or guardian for their safety. If you are picking up your child, make sure you know which ticket package they have. The Meet & Greet will end on a rolling basis depending on where they are in the line.

A: Please arrive according to which ticket package you purchased. All Of Me ticket holders will be let in the door at 12:00. Sound Check Pass Holders will be let in at 1:00. Meet Me and See Me ticket holders will be let in at 1:30.

A: We will line up all the Meet Me & All of Me ticket holders after the show is finished. From then, Skip the Line Passes will be called to the front and the Meet & Greet will begin! All photos are selfie style, and you will get to meet every performer.

A: Due to time constraints, we will mark your wristband upon entry to the Meet & Greet, and you may only go through and meet the performers once.

A: A Hangout Pass allows you to be a part of the Hangout Session that happens one hour before the show starts. This is your opportunity to meet with the talent in a non-rushed envorinment. We all just hang out :)

A: A Sounc Check Pass grants you early access to the show. You also get to experience the sound check session (watch us perform our sound check in preperation for the show). You also get a better spot to watch the show since you're one of the first to get in :)

A: No, all you need to present at the door is the generated QR code on your ticket. You can have this code printed or on a phone and it will work the same.

A: TBA means To Be Announced. We will send you an update email after you purchase your tickets with the venue's location as they're announced.